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Scorpio Herbal Infusion

Scorpio Herbal Infusion

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Unveil a celestial creation tailored for the intense and passionate Scorpio soul. Introducing our Scorpio Herbal Infusion, a captivating blend designed to mirror the transformative nature of this water sign.

As you steep the Scorpio Herbal Infusion, feel the aromatic embrace of rosemary and basil, offering a subtle warmth that mirrors the inner fire of this powerful sign. This blend is not just a tea; it's an exploration of flavors that align with the Scorpio's desire for depth and authenticity.

Caffeine Free 

All infusions are created with organic herbs. 

Not approved by the FDA, not meant to cure, diagnose, or treat disease.

Tea Type

Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Infusion


Organic yarrow, organic passionflower, organic basil, organic rosemary

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