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Peppermint Patty Mate’ Herbal Infusion

Peppermint Patty Mate’ Herbal Infusion

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Indulge in the exquisite experience of our Organic Mint Chocolate Mate—an irresistibly smooth blend that strikes the perfect balance of invigoration. Picture a peppermint patty reincarnated in a cup! The initial burst of bright minty freshness evolves into a delightful fusion of mate and cacao, creating a tea sensation that transcends into the realm of a delectable dessert. Savor the satisfaction of each sip as you embark on a journey where refreshing mint meets the rich allure of chocolate—crafted to elevate your tea-drinking moments to a whole new level.

Contains caffeine

All infusions are created with organic herbs.

Not approved by the FDA, not meant to cure, diagnose, or treat disease.


Organic and fair trade yerba mate, organic peppermint leaf, organic and fair trade roasted cacao nibs, organic roasted carob, organic and fair trade roasted cacao powder, and organic vanilla flavoring

Tea Type

Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Blend

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