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Melancholy Loose Leaf Infusion

Melancholy Loose Leaf Infusion

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Welcome to our sanctuary of solace, where we introduce a haven for the heart – our Loose Leaf Herbal Blend specially crafted for those melancholic moments. At Dorothy's Herb Shop, we understand that some days are harder than others, and that's why we've carefully curated a blend designed to bring comfort and warmth to your soul.

Our Melancholy Infusion is a symphony of handpicked botanicals, thoughtfully combined to create a soothing elixir that transcends the ordinary. Each delicate leaf is a gesture of nature's remedy, meticulously chosen to embrace you on those somber days and lift your spirits.

All infusions are created with organic herbs

Not approved by the FDA, not meant to cure, diagnose, or treat disease

Safety Precautions

Not to be used during phototherapy. Fair-skinned persons should avoid excessive exposure to sunlight during use. May decrease the blood levels of certain orally administered drugs. Consult a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking with medications.


Organic nettle leaf, organic St. John’s wort, organic spearmint leaf, organic damiana leaf, and organic valerian root


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